Sitecore Analytics and Google Analytics


In my works, many customers have different ideas about Sitecore Analytics and Google Analytics.
– Some think Sitecore Analytics can do the same things as Google Analytics. In this regards, they believe Sitecore is re-inventing the wheel.
– Different stakeholders cross content, marketing, architecture and development have different understandings to Sitecore Analytics.
– Some struggle to go forward to utilise Sitecore’s great feature for marketing and personalisation. Many Sitecore project stall as a basic CMS, with Google Analytics.

Key comparisons

  1. Google Analytics (GA)

As Google Analytics is set up externally, it does not require internal code changes. Content administrators with Google Analytics login accounts can easily update measurement and tracking methods. Minimum front-end code is required for adding measurements.

Google Analytics is commonly used for collecting data about user behaviour. The data is used to measure usability, such as number of through-traffic, number of times a specific button is clicked, user’s paths through the site, campaign monitoring and conversion rates.

GA provides a big picture and statistics.

  1. Sitecore Analytics

Sitecore has a similar set of tracking features about campaigns, conversions rate and user paths. Instead of focusing on big picture reporting, Sitecore uses the collected data to enhance the experience for individual users.

Sitecore xDB is also designed to integrate with other systems. There are some connectors for MS Dynamics CRM and Salesforce to synchronise contact profile and behaviour. (Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration 2.0)

Sitecore Analytics is a core component of the Sitecore Experience Platform. It provides real-time dynamic content optimisation and personalisation via Pattern Card. Sitecore is able to match an individual user’s behaviours to a specified user pattern, and automatically link more relevant content to the user via various UI methods, such as search results, home page featured tiles, and contextual side navigation.

In terms of reporting, Sitecore Analytics focuses more on an individual page’s quality (Engagement Value) in Path Analyser and the engagement value of individual users in Experience Profile.

More reading

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